Welcome to the Yes 2 QBS website, your comprehensive online resource on Qualifications Based Selection!

QBS (Qualifications Based Selection) is an internationally recognized best practice for the procurement of professional engineering services. It is a systematic and transparent process for selecting the most appropriate engineering firm for any project, protecting the public interest over the life-cycle of the project, including design, construction, operations, maintenance and eventual upgrading or de-commissioning.

This best practice has been mandated by law in the USA since the 1970’s, and more recently in the City of Calgary and Province of Quebec. BC’s Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure uses an acceptable variation of QBS.

Our goal is to see this approach become the common practice in Canada.


Using QBS will result in:

  • Obtaining the right team for the right job
  • Establishing and adhering to realistic schedules and budgets
  • Lower project life cycle costs
  • Having a project with few change orders and disputes
  • Better value for taxpayers
  • Promoting better business relationship between parties
  • Providing better service, better quality and better value for clients